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*Products usually ship right away, Secured and Safely. All UNattached small series canvases can be mailed attached to a foam board *(if not already attached) or mailed rolled as a Hanging canvas with two thin pieces of wood attached to the canvas at the bottom and at the top has a string attached for hanging Or the small canvas can just be shipped, rolled by itself**at the customers request** IF you wish to discuss different shipping options other then what is in the product description***PLEASE* contact artist directly or website with specific requests regarding DreamArtist products***. Foam board framing can cost a little more for shipping depending on location and size of box for secure shipping. *Smaller size foam board pieces are less expensive. Hanging canvases and UNattached canvases are shipped secured in a shipping tube. I do take back orders that normally take about 2-3 days (for 1 piece) to complete on the small series paintings (depending on size). I do take multiple back orders which can be done at a rate of about 2 pieces in 4 days (for smaller pieces) *depending on design and size. If it says "out of stock" or "back order" you should still be able to order. ANY QUESTIONS?? Please feel free to ask*****Thank you*****REMEMBER****A late gift is better then no gift**It becomes a gift for all time****I always try add NEW products so please keep stopping by!

Narbono Casimere Begay is a full blooded Navajo artist. Painting acrylic (on canvas and clothing) and silversmithing. I consider myself a semi-professional, self taught painter. My dad taught me how to silversmith. I have made female earrings and male and female bracelets. I started doing shows and doing flea markets in 2015. I did Window Rock and Gallup Flea Markets. Some small Artist Markets out by Sedona and in the Page area. I've also done shows in the Window Rock Fairs, Gallup Arts and the Gallup Ceremonials. Blanco, NM at a winery, Farmington River Fest, Phoenix, Twin Arrows to name a few. *****Contact me to talk about commission work***** ***Shipping for paintings framed in wood***: I offer some options for this type of shipping depending on location (I am in St. Micheals, AZ USA) - the paintings on wooden frames can be shipped, Secured, Protected *(Insured if the customer prefers at the customers cost). Or it can be taken off the frame/all framework removed (if able to or if the customer requests) and rolled up secured in a tube for shipping**** Please contact me to discuss the options and costs. Price shown does not included shipping. **** Thank you for your time. Narbono

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******Feel free to contact me to talk about commission work****** ***SHIPPING***Almost all canvases can be taken off the frame (if attached) and shipped rolled up and secured safely in a tube as an option for shipping.***

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