"The sunset cuts into stone" Acrylic on 21" x 8.75" canvas. (Hanging canvas with string)


“The sunset cuts into stone” Acrylic on 21″ x 8.75″ canvas (Hanging canvas with string)

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*Picture of back of canvas. It has some wood for weight and a string attached at top for hangingIn this small series piece I used the same idea and feeling that was in the larger “Red rock dream” piece but a different design. The same respect I have for the Anasazi people who lived in and among the canyon walls of the Navajo Nation and other places as well.

The canyon wall comes down and curves in such a way that it causes the sunlight in the evening to look like it’s cutting into the canyon wall. I would say it looks like piano keys but back then…I would not have known what a piano was. It almost makes you wish you could be there, inside this painting and be free among the land. A deep blue shine (thick blue paint) is what I did around the stone house in this piece. Making it feel like the home is still lived in. Like you are looking at and standing in front of a home back then next to a steep red canyon wall.

I will make more pieces using this idea. I wanted to see what it would look like. I like it.

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