Sweat Lodge (Tache’e’ Baanhane’)


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A sweat lodge is a hut, typically dome-shaped and made with natural materials and covered with blankets and sometimes animal skin. The ceremony performed within the structure may be called a purification ceremony or sweat. Traditionally constructed covered with blankets and sometimes animal skins. Originally, it is used for prayer and healing, and the ceremony is only to be led by elders who know the associated language, songs, traditions, and safety protocols.  The dimensions are 3 1/3 “in length x 4 ½ “in width x 2” in height. The color options are red, purple, green and grey. The cost is $15.00.

The Sweat Lodge was designed and 3D printed by student vendors.

Items are paid for by credit or debit card thru this site or when school is in session they can be paid for in cash at the School.

No charge for shipping. Not returnable.

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