"Remember this moment" 12" x 36" Acrylic on canvas. Smaller series paintings


“Remember this moment” Acrylic on canvas 12″ x 36″ Smaller painting series. (canvas attached to no frame)

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I had a dream that I was standing in about a foot deep of snow. The air was cold and the sky looked frozen with white and grey clouds. Behind the frozen clouds was the sun trying to shine through, cold, leafless tree branches above me. Snow was falling slowly through dead silence. No one knew that I was here. It felt dangerous to be so far away from everyone and yet it felt so safe. There were no foot steps in the snow to show my way back from where I came. I realized that this was a dream because it was too perfect and protected. The feeling of being alone, in the cold, on foot with no one knowing where I had gone made me feel secure and sure of myself for some reason. I had to save this feeling and not forget this place and how it looked. As I looked up to see the sun sparkling through a cold grey cloud, a cold snow flake landed in my eye that sent a shiver down my neck….I awoke in my bed to the ambient street sounds of Gallup NM.

The bear in this piece is standing in shallow water that is almost frozen. The background is inspired by the smooth red rock canyon walls of NM and AZ. It is not a set location but more of a feeling I am trying to get with these smaller pieces designed like this. When I use a bear in a painting it’s mainly because I was told that I had a bear caged inside of me that I needed to learn about. Had to calm it down and feed it the right food and eventually free it. That bear now roams freely but is never to far from me because I see it every now and then.


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