"Red Rock Dream" acrylic on 25" x 49" Dark walnut stained wood framed canvas


“Red Rock Dream” Acrylic on 25″ x 49″ framed canvas.

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This painting happened because I had a dream on a boring summer day.

Soft, wet sand was between my toes. As I looked up I seen I was at the bottom of tall Red rock canyon wall. Rain dripped smoothly down the rocks and cool misty rain drops were falling on my face. I closed my eyes and smiled. I felt so happy and like something exciting was about to happen. I almost took a step in the sand but I thought “if I do, I might leave this place…I don’t want that…I’ll stay awhile…”. I squished some more cool sand between my toes. I looked farther and seen a stone house built into the bottom of the rock wall. I seen people and I heard a dog bark. I heard voices echoing and a small wind chilled me out. The sun was hidden behind a small cloud and came out shining making me shield my eyes. I looked up and around to see if I could recognize the place; as I did, a cold stream of water ran down my neck and made me close my eyes…I woke up in Gallup NM and some birds were chirping and the sounds of traffic in the background. I had to hold on to that feeling because it was slipping away really fast. My memory was being erased of the dream and I fought hard to see it again. I made this painting because it came to my mind and now I’ll never forget it and the way it was to be there.

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Weight 1024 oz
Dimensions 25 × 1 × 49 in


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