"Quiet as could be and still "15" x "36" acrylic on canvas (unattached to any type of frame)


“Quiet as could be and still “15” x 36″ acrylic on canvas (canvas unattached to any type of frame at this time. Customer can inquire about framing and other options) Unframed to take into consideration shipping costs for customer. Customer can frame canvas on their own if they wish.

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This is larger sized small Dream Windows series piece was made because I’ve been hunting before. Up in Narbono Pass NM. This was when I was younger but I can remember that we were trying to walk quietly and trying not to make a sound. It was about mid-afternoon when we heard some bushes move and twigs break. We stopped and looked around…there was a pair of well built antlers deep in some bushes and trees up side the wall of a steep slope. The older gentleman with the hunting license slowly raised his rifle and just as he got his shoulder ready to take the shot…I heard a quick swooping noise and the antlers were gone… leaving only the leaves shaking. We never did find any more potential targets on that trip but it was a good trip. I didn’t go on the next trip the next week but they did bring back some meat to fill the freezer.

I did this piece as more of an early sunrise type of feeling…the stars are still twinkling even as the sun shines down on us. The nights stay with us in the day time. Sometimes we see an animal with the same type of thoughts. The same type of dreams. We are all under the same stars. Thank you

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