Jackie’s Sunlight – Small series 14.5" x 5.25" Acrylic on canvas (attached to foam board)


Jackie’s Sunlight – 14.5″ x 5.25″ Acrylic on canvas

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Attached to foam board. Charge for shipping of foam board not included in price. Can also be shipped as just a canvas, rolled up in cylindrical container.(Foam board can be colored black or left white at customers request, no charge. Canvas can also be attached to an optional wood piece backing frame (price includes a little extra for shipping and handling). The wood I’m using now is approximately 2 pounds per one square foot and 0.75″ inches thick. It has a nice weight to it if you ask me. Wood backing frame will be painted black. Examples of wood thickness shown in certain images and available only on smaller series paintings.)I know a horse named Jackie. I’ve taken care of her and kept her company. Brushed her hair and petted her hair. I think I almost loved this horse. I probably do. I hardly see her now but I know the Love for a horse. I didn’t understand it at first…but now I do.I plan on doing more horse themed small and large paintings to share my on growing love for horses and other animals. The canvas kind of got rough with the paint on the bottom so I had to price it accordingly. I try and be fair.


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