"Dream water" Acrylic on 9" x 21" canvas (Hanging canvas with string)


  1. “Dream water” Acrylic on 9″ x 21″ canvas (Hanging canvas with string)

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I am including a bunch of different animals in my smaller series paintings. The wolf caught my eye because of the thought of water. I painted the water with a painting knife. It was new at it but had fun.

Wolves have always been an animal that I was told to be careful around and stay away from. It was a fearful way of getting to know the animal but it served it’s purpose because I did keep my distance.

In my imagination I like to think that if I seen a wolf in the forest alone…it would look at me and see that I didn’t mean no harm to it and I was a pretty good dude but…I would rather have something in my possession that would scare it off and some protection for myself. I like the way they look and I have respect for them. I remember a few stories I’ve been told with wolf characters in them. The one a lot of people know is the “two wolves inside you” story. Where there is two wolves inside us all and how they are fed and live inside you is up to you. There is a very large forest inside me and they both live there and so do all the other animals. It’s a pretty nice peaceful place I must say.

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