"Canyon wall in a dream" Acrylic on 5.25" x 13" canvas.


“Canyon wall in a dream” Acrylic on 5.25″ x 13″ canvas. Small series painting.

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A smaller piece with the same design usage as the larger piece “Red rock dream”. It has a reference to the Anasazi houses that were built out of stone in the red rock canyon’s of New Mexico and Arizona. The Navajo lived in those same canyon’s.

I remember I had a dream that I was standing bare foot on cool, soft wet sand at the bottom of a very tall canyon wall. Water was dripping down the smooth rock wall. Sunlight shined through cool rain mist and tree branches. The mist was falling on my face as I looked up to see where I was. I remember I felt at peace and like I knew that I went back in time. I knew I didn’t want to leave but I had to soon. I say that because I seen a stone house along the canyon wall and people were walking around doing things. I was in another time. I also knew that if I took one step then, the dream would all be over. So I didn’t walk but I moved my arms out to feel the cool rain from another time. I looked up towards the soft cool sunlight and closed my eyes because this dream was perfect. I woke up in Gallup NM and a car was honking.

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